Formerly known as iZettle, Zettle by Paypal is one of the market leaders in payment solutions, and Brighton Coffee Festival is ecstatic to have them as a lead sponsor for 2023. We recently sent Dan White to catch up with the Zettle by Paypal South Coast MDM, James Adams.

Hi James, thanks for talking with me. How is your week going?
Hi Dan, good to catch up, it’s been really good week so far, lots of evenings spent at the beach now the suns finally out!

Can you tell me about yourself and your background?
I’ve been in financial services for a decade now, working alongside businesses building solutions through relationships and tech. Previously I had worked with Zettle through a partnership and seen the company and product grow, last year I took the up an opportunity to join the company and I’ve not looked back.

So, what is your role at Zettle and what does your average day-to-day involve?
My role within Zettle is the Market Development Manager for the South Coast. No two days are the same but generally you will find me working with businesses within the food beverage and retail space, discussing solutions, meeting with partners, running demonstrations and occasionally I get my hands dirty installing systems too.

You work closely with many independent coffee shops in the south east. What is it about working with these businesses that you enjoy the most?
I find so many businesses that are dealing with a number of issues and inefficiencies which they have often grown used to due to time or cost. We’re so much more than a ‘payments company’ we support all aspects of business from Point of Sale and Payments to Accounting, Bookings, loyalty and internet infrastructure. For me, it’s about supporting businesses and providing a true meaningful impact to enable their growth.

As an official sponsor of the Brighton Coffee Festival, how excited are you for the big day?
It will be my first BCF and I understand it’s the biggest yet, so were really excited to attend let alone sponsor!

Can you tell us what you have planned for BCF 2023?
I will be showcasing our product suite, catching up with some existing clients and potentially some new ones!

What is it that draws you personally to Brighton?
Brighton for me has always been one the most exciting cities in the UK, in my twenties it was the place to come for the music and the nightlife, as I get older; It’s the bustling streets that are filled with independent retailers and the vast array of diversity.

Are you a big coffee lover yourself and, if so, what’s your coffee of choice?
Yes, I’m a big coffee fan and my girlfriend is a barista too. It would have to be flat white or a cortado, I can’t pick a winner here.

What are your passions outside of the coffee arena?
Music and Sports take up a large amount of my time. Now the summer is here I will be out on my bike, at the beach on my paddleboard or adventuring with my dog Maggie.

What exciting things have Zettle got planned in the coming year?
We’ve just implemented instant access to funds, giving businesses greater control over cash flow. Towards the end of the year, we’re working with some exciting new point of sale partners and integrations but that’s all I can disclose for now.

What are your personal aspirations in your role and beyond?
I cover a great area and I am really keen to grow the Zettle footprint here. I work with a lot of successful businesses, so I am always learning and I am hoping one day myself and my partner will start our own coffee and egg-centric food based venture.

How can people get in touch with you?
You can drop me a text/call/whatsapp on 07385952007, email at or come and see us at the festival!