Since 1905, Victoria Arduino has been producing high quality machinery. Now a staple name in the industry, Brighton Coffee Festival is pleased to be sponsored by VA for 2023. After huge successes in 2022, we caught up with VA’s UK Sales Manager, Camilla Morgan.

How has the start of the year been for you?
With the new showroom/Experience Lab in Camden Town we have been beyond busy with customer visits however I’m loving every moment as I get to see everyone in person and show them what the future of espresso machines looks like. 

How is everything at Victoria Arduino currently? 
We have many new innovative and energy efficient espresso machines launching, Black Eagle Maverick, MY range of grinders have just been released for general sale and later this year we are welcoming Eagle Tempo to our line-up, so it’s busy times for Victoria Arduino and our team. 

I see you’re supporting a number of independent, locally-curated coffee festivals in 2023, including BCF, was this a target for yourself and VA when you kicked off the year?
Supporting the coffee industry on a local level is incredibly important to us. Connecting with the community is definitely something we want to invest in, as well as investing in and growing our current team, in order to support our partners and do even more exciting things.

You sponsored the Brighton Coffee Festival in 2022 and will be back again for an even bigger showcase this year! Can you let us in on what you’re planning for the big day?
We really enjoyed being a part of BCF last year and this year we are planning on bringing something exciting for the visitors to enjoy. They’ll need to visit our stand to find out so I’m keeping this one under wraps for now, but make sure you’re following our socials to keep up to date with us @victoriaarduino_uk

Last year you showcased some of Victoria Arduino’s incredible machinery, including the freshly-released Black Eagle Maverick, have you got any new products in-store for the BCF audience this year?
We do indeed! Victoria Arduino is an innovative brand that puts coffee excellence and sustainability at the forefront. Eagle Tempo will be a more affordable espresso machine packed full of innovation and made with recyclable materials. As a brand we are quickly gaining popularity, interestingly strongly amongst the young coffee professionals entering our industry. We are looking forward to show case our equipment at BCF. 

So can you tell us about your background in the coffee industry and how you came to find yourself at VA?
Like many others working in coffee I got into this industry by accident. I was made redundant after the 2008 financial crash and the first job I was offered was with a coffee roaster. When I first started my role I didn’t even like coffee and today I couldn’t imagine myself working outside of this industry. I have been with VA Machinery representing Victoria Arduino for nearly 5 years now. 

What is your role at VA and what are the perks/highlights of the role?
My job as Sales Manager means I do a lot of everything however my main role is to support our wholesale partnership team and grow our existing distributor network. The highlight of doing this role must be the coffee professionals I get to see and speak to every day and the perk is definitely the incredible coffee I get to enjoy. 

As we move forward, what changes do you anticipate in the coffee industry?
One of the reasons I love this industry so much is that it is ever changing with new people joining all the time with fresh ideas, whether it’s machinery, roasting, brewing or drink recipes. Coffee is for everyone, you just have to find what is right for you.

What makes you passionate outside of the coffee arena?
I’m currently really into cold water swimming, it’s refreshing and life affirming on so many levels. It’s a complete mind over matter situation where taking control over your body in this way is really confidence building. 

If money was no object, what one piece of coffee equipment would you buy and why?
A high quality coffee grinder is much more important than an expensive espresso machine (ha ha.. please don’t tell anyone I said that…) Having a uniform coffee grind for optimal extraction is key. 

Where can we find you most days?
At our Experience Lab in Camden drinking PureBrew, filtered style coffee from the Black Eagle Maverick.