KeepCup was established in Melbourne with one aim in mind; keep it, and use it again. Since the first KeepCup was sold in 2009, KeepCup was recognised as the solution to a big problem – single use packaging and the volume of waste entering the environment.

After two sold out years for Brighton Coffee Festival, we are pleased to be partnering with KeepCup for the 2023 show to ditch the disposables and go ‘single-use-free’.
What does this mean? Well, if you’re visiting the show, we’d love you to bring your own reusable cups! If you haven’t got one, don’t worry though – KeepCup will be on hand dishing out loan cups for you to use for the day, or you can purchase your own to take home!
There will be plenty of wash stations around the festival too, meaning it’ll be simple to rinse and reuse.

We had a chat with Victoria Wilson, the PR and Communications Manager for KeepCup to find out a little bit more about their plans for this years festival.

What are you most looking forward to about Brighton Coffee Festival?
“This is our first time at Brighton Coffee Festival, so we’re looking forward to meeting more of the cafes and roasters that make up the city’s exciting speciality coffee scene.”

With this being the first year of Brighton Coffee Festival partnering with KeepCup, we wanted to know what KeepCups main aims and objectives were. When we spoke with Victoria she said:

“Our main aim is to help the Festival ditch disposables and make it single-use free! Many people don’t realise disposable cups are lined with single-use plastic, making them near-impossible to recycle and most compostable cups need industrial composting, so often end up in landfill. We’re encouraging visitors to bring their own reusable cup, and anyone who doesn’t own one can borrow a loan cup or buy a KeepCup from our stand. The closed space of the Festival makes it an easy place to run a loan cup system and show how the small step of using a KeepCup can add up to make a big difference.”

KeepCup and reducing single use is really important to the local Brighton Community – is there anything in particular you like about the city and the coffee industry within it?
“Brighton has always shown itself to be a leader when it comes to lowering environmental impact – we can’t wait to create more partnerships to grow the city’s reuse movement.
Meeting existing customers with their OG KeepCups is always a highlight – it’s awesome hearing the stories of people who’ve been using their KeepCups for more than a decade!”

Brighton Coffee Festival is excited to reveal that visitors at the 2023 show will be among the first in the UK to get their hands on one of the new 8oz leakproof Helix KeepCups. When we spoke to Victoria she said:

“If you didn’t know already, KeepCup is a B Corp and has been named a Best for the World winner in the environment category four times!”

Lowering their environmental impact underpins everything they do. The 8oz leakproof Helix KeepCup is made from 90% recycled stainless steel, giving another reason to choose reuse.

To find out more about KeepCup and their offering, visit their website or find them at Brighton Coffee Festival on 12th August.

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